Staff Directory

Department of Athletics
1301 Columbia College Dr.
Columbia, SC 29203
(803) 786-3778 (phone)
(803) 786-3868 (fax)
Name Title Phone Email
Kelly Ann Stubblefield Director of Athletics 803.786.3723
Lindsey Hughes Assistant Athletic Director 803.786.3802
Greyson Deal Head Athletic Trainer 803.786.3089
John Stavrinakis Assistant Athletic Trainer 803 786 3089
Name Title Phone Email
Maria Chen Head Basketball Coach 803.786.3060
George Simmons Assistant Basketball Coach 803.786.3060
Demarcus Heller Assistant Basketball Coach
Name Title Phone Email
David Pennell Head Golf Coach 803.786.3873
Keith Davis Assistant Golf Coach Columbia College 803-513-2519
Name Title Phone Email
Brit Kadlowec Head Lacrosse Coach 803.786.3313
Name Title Phone Email
Joshua Kiper Head Soccer Coach 803.786.3193
Chris Fresco Assistant Soccer Coach 803.786.3193
Robert Hunter Assistant Soccer Coach/Sports Information Director 803.786.3193
Name Title Phone Email
James Morrison Head Softball Coach / Assistant Athletic Director 803.786.3550
Tatjana Matthews Assistant Coach/Head Junior Varsity Coach 803.786.3289
Name Title Phone Email
Nancy Powell Head Tennis Coach Columbia College 803-760-2832
Name Title Phone Email
Chuck Mullen Head Volleyball Coach 803 786 3668
Ashley Hardesty Assistant Coach
Jacqui Anderson Student Assistant Coach
Women's Swimming
Name Title Phone Email
Jason Gallaher Head Swimming Coach/Aquatics Coordinator
Cross Country
Name Title Phone Email
Stan Rosenthal Head Coach
Ashley Waddington Assistant Coach
Brian Coleman Throws Coach