Defensive Battle Ends in Loss for the Koalas

Defense seems to be the theme for this years team. Last nights game against Allen University displayed the toughness that the Koalas will need to be successful this year in the conference. Although Allen came out strong in the first quarter, quickly jumping out to a 9 point lead, the Koalas never gave in to the pressure. Going into halftime it was clear what Allen wanted to accomplish on the defensive side of the ball, play tight on Columbia's shooters and use their speed as a weapon.

All hope wasn't lost, as the Koalas came out in the 3rd quarter figring on all cylinders. Three clutch 3 pointers by senior Amber Sherrill brought the team within one point of tying the game. But the quickness of the Yellow Jackets just would not allow that to happen. Although hard fought the Koalas went down in the end 60-56.

Leading the scoring was senior Amber Sherrill with 14 pts (including the 3 three-pointers), and 5 assist. Also having strong games especially on the defensive side were Junior Morgan Varn (12 pts,5 assist, 3 steals, 1 block) and Sophomore Denijah Johnson (12 pts, 5 assist,1 block and 3 steals). Other contributors were Williams, Hawes, Woodard, Morgan, Mohammed, and Ferguson.

They will have a chance to face rival Allen again later this season, but the focus in on the next game. The Koalas head to Union College on Wednesday, November 14th and are back at home this Saturday against Tennesse Wesleyan at 12pm.