Golf Sets School Records at AAC Direct Qualifier

Columbia College Golf played in the AAC Direct Qualifier on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of April at Lakeview Golf Course at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. The team played well, finishing 6th, and shot three new school team scoring records in the process.

On Monday, the team shot 339, and then eclipsed it on Tuesday shooting a team 338, the first two times the team had ever broken 340 in history. For the tournament, the team shot 677, beating the old team record for two rounds of 699 by 22 strokes.

The program is certainly improving and moving in the right direction, and Coach David Pennell is excited to see what the future holds for the team.

   1.  Milligan 305-314=619

   2.  St. Andrews 326-325=651

   3.  SCAD-Atlanta 328-324=652

   4.  Tennessee Wesleyan 332-328=660

   5.  Point University 335-329=664

   6.  Columiba 339-338=677

   7.  Reinhardt 340-358=698

   8.  Truett-McConnell 350-362=712

   9.  Bryan College 365-354=719

 10.  Union College 367-355=722


Columbia College Scores:

Laura Maurer  81-82=163

Alivia Seely   86-79=165

Amber Ratza  86-86=172

Farrah Wright  86-91=177

Christina Wright  104-110=214