All media requests and interviews, whether it be for student-athletes, staff members, or coaches, must be arranged through the sports information office. Please contact Columbia College Sports Information Office, listed below, for more information.

Columbia College uses Dakstats Sport Software, the official statistics software of the NAIA, to provide statistics for volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and softball. To access one of these pages on the official statistics site, please click here. Unofficial statistics for these sports can also be found at www.gokoalas.com accessible via the statistics tab under each individual sport or linked to recaps, player bio pages, or schedules.

Information regarding live stats is available prior to all events on both the composite schedule found here and the individual sports schedule on the right hand side. All live stats for home basketball, volleyball, and softball events are available via Dakstats, a blue (((W))) will indicate the link.

Please note, game statistics will not be available until lineups have been submitted, the screen may display "webcast has not started" until 3-5 minutes before game time.

Stretch Internet, partnered with the AAC, and the Columbia College Sports Information Office, provide live video streaming for games throughout each season. To find out which games are scheduled to be streamed, visit the sports schedule page on www.gokoalas.com or the master schedule - the direct link to the video stream can be found along the navigation bar.

Live video of Younts Stadium is available for select home soccer and lacrosse games via Facebook Live. Games will not appear on the page until 3-5 minutes before game time.

Please email the Columbia College Sports Information Office, listed below for the request and use of official Columbia College logos. Any unlawful or unauthorized use of Columbia College logos is prohibited.

Columbia College Sports Information Office | Contact Information
Columbia College
Department of Athletics
1301 Columbia College Dr.
Columbia, SC 29203
Email: ccsi@columbiasc.edu
Phone: (803) 786-3941
Fax: (803) 786-3868